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The Funding Directory

What is The Funding Directory?

Find The Right Money for your startup or growing business. Our Funding Directory is a unique and diverse selection of specifically targeted contacts offering alternative funding sources to a wide range of recipients. The directory consists of over 1100 records searched by category and state. One expert referred to our sources as best kept secrets. Find your perfect match.

  • New Do-It-Yourself directory
  • Easy to use
  • Save time
  • Unlimited access
  • Upgrade to Custom Search System

How does the Funding Directory help you?

Few banks want to lend to small business owners unless you meet a laundry list of criteria. Our Funding Directory provides plenty of alternatives to traditional banking which has changed dramatically since 2008. Rather than exhaustive Internet searches for random sources of capital, our directory offers many unrecognized companies specializing in funding, who make their own rules to help people like you.

  • One source, one solution
  • Easy access to unknown sources
  • Verified sources and information
  • Target funding sources quicker
  • Find niche funding much faster
The Funding Directory

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Funding Directory?
A: An alternative funding solution for startup and growing business owners.

Q: Is the Funding Directory free?
A: Yes, the directory is free with unlimited access.

Q: How do I start?
A: Provide your first name, last name and email address. No credit card is required.

Q: What Funding Directory search options do I have?
A: You have 2 options: The free search option and the Custom Search System upgrade.

Q: What is DIY?
A: DIY means Do It Yourself directory access completely free. Search the directory by Funding Category and by State. The ebook and audiobook set can help you understand the 7 categories of funding and why each category might help you fund your business.

Q: Do I need the Funding Directory?
No. If you know where to look for money, you do not need this. However, if you were looking for money and only think of banks first, or you did not know about other options, the Funding Directory is a valuable resource.

Q: Why should I care about the Funding Directory?
A: Entrepreneurs need money for their businesses and should look to the diverse alternatives now available to them rather than count on banks and their extensive criteria to meet capital demands.

Q: What do banks want?
A: Banks require a business plan, financial projections, collateral, down payment (up to 120% of loan amount), bank statements and time-in-business.

Q: What makes the Funding Directory different from a bank?
A: The Funding Directory is not a bank and does not lend money. We are a new online funding source for locating the money. The directory provides options most people are not aware of. Entrepreneurs interested in seeking funding can use the directory to identify the right fit between their business interests and the many sources of money.

Q: What can the Funding Directory do for me?
A: The Funding Directory provides 7 categories of funding to choose from. You can use the Find Cash In The Cloud ebook and audiobook to learn more about the categories.

Q: What is the ebook and audiobook?
A: Find Cash In The Cloud – 7 Steps to Funding Your Business is downloadable in both ebook (PDF) and audiobook (MP3) form. More information

Q: What is the Custom Search System?

A: The Custom Search System is a fee-based upgrade to our Free Funding Directory, providing additional search criteria for targeting funding sources. Search the directory by Funding Category, Target, List and State. More information

Q: How much does the Custom Search System upgrade cost?
A: The Custom Search System upgrade offers unlimited search results over 6 months for $67. You can cancel at any time via your CMS account, but there are no refunds for unused time.

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