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Who We Are

The name Trep Capital Group means “money for entrepreneurs.” Trep Capital Group is an online funding source, offering various funding options and resources critical to entrepreneurial success. Based in Southern California, we were founded by a 4th generation, the 30-plus-year veteran entrepreneur who has helped build businesses in eight states.

We use small business experience and connections to protect, prepare and produce results for our clients nationwide. We work with funding sources around the country to assist business owners in most any industry at nearly any stage of development. We take a no-nonsense approach to finding “the right money” for your business.

Before we look too far ahead, let’s determine what programs you qualify for. Simply complete our brief Business Funding Application. Qualified applicants can receive funding from $50,000 to $300,000, deemed much easier to qualify for than a bank loan.

Experience teaches us to properly prioritize all phases of start-ups and growing businesses, starting with the capital. Banking sector insider information grants our clients a significant advantage, allowing them to set up their business the right way. Seize this opportunity.

What We Do

Our objective is to provide you access to the best funding options for all kinds of business needs. We specialize in business funding by facilitating relationships between trusted alternative sources and business owners. Rules change. Preparation matters. Efficiency counts.

We do our best to prepare our clients to maximize their creditworthiness. Working closely with our funding partners, we not only save you the trouble and potential damage attempting to obtain funding, we help you find “The Right Money” for your business and your circumstances.

We know who can help you with the fastest turnaround times and the most reliable sources. Because every situation is unique, you may not know what your choices are or what’s in your best interest. Our Customer Service team will verify your information prior to Fulfillment’s review. It is imperative that Fulfillment gets accurate information to prevent false expectations. With correct information, we can help you do what’s best for you. We have your back.

Our network offers you access to working capital to meet your individual business needs. As we continue to develop new relationships with viable, effective funding programs, we urge you to focus on what you do best—starting and running your business.


Why We Do It

  • Our Mission: To help you find “The Right Money” for your business.
  • Our Purpose: To provide entrepreneurs valuable information, reliable funding alternatives, and make funding easier to obtain than a bank loan.
  • Our Vision: To be the most sought-after small business funding source in the United States by businesses, industries, and partners.
  • Our Values: To continually offer entrepreneurs information on business and business funding, deliver reliable funding solutions, and promote supportive service to our nationwide clientele.
  • Our Products: To offer the best products available* for startups and growing small businesses.

*For qualified candidates, we offer several funding options. Over 75% of business bank loan applicants were rejected according to Forbes April 2017 publication. Your verifiable income above $60,000, credit scores and history determine your success.

Credit Repair: Our partners can often remove all negative information in 45-120 days, depending on specific credit-related issues. Negative information, including recent delinquencies, such as bankruptcies, tax liens, child support or student loans typically add several months to the credit repair process.

Collateralized options are available upon request and/or if necessary.

Why Choose Us

We are entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs. With years of experience, we know if we can help you. Regardless of your situation, your needs are urgent and real. Without understanding how to prepare for funding or know your choices, you will find various options for money, some with too many strings attached, or worse, expect you to pay incredibly high interest daily, weekly or monthly.

Every client has different circumstances, concerns, qualifications and resources. Every product has specific criteria to be met. If your circumstances are not ideal, you need straight answers to find success.

We can work with startups or growing businesses. We have the connections to save you time, money and aggravation. We take a no-nonsense approach to addressing your needs. And more importantly, we provide a critical path to achieve your goals.

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